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ZoorfExpo 2023

Welcome to book your stand at ZoorfExpo 2023.
ZoorfExpo 2023 will be held 11-12:th of November 2023 at Kistamässan, just outside Stockholm. The interest ahead of the fair has already been significant, so we urge you to book soon if you are interested in selecting your place. We expect to sell all available space.
Contact us on: zoorfexpo@zoorf.org for questions and bookings.

The spacious and practical halls of Kistamässan and its strategic location with excellent parking will give you great conditions to display your company and your products.
Alongside the exhibitor stands the fair will also focus on education with a great speakers program. 

ZoorfExpo 2023 will be held over a weekend and the exhibitors will be given a day and a half to build the stands. 
Please contact us for further information.

This is the map from 2021 for orientation:

ZoorfExpo 2021

Despite all the troubles with covid-19, ZoorfExpo 2021 could go ahead as planned, and all available monter space was sold out. The number of exhibitioners was somewhat lower than 2019, 54 compared to just over 60, but that was mainly because many international companies could not come. The companies that did come, in general, booked larger monters instead. The monters were spacious and open, and most exhibitioners had abandoned the old school of building a store in the monter, instead they presented concepts and a selection of products.
The weekend started on Friday with a day of talks and lectures for those who had registered for it, and then the fair was held over a Saturday and Sunday, with a big dinner and party on Saturday.
In total 1070 individual entrées were registered, which is a new record for ZoorfExpo.

The companies with monters at ZoorfExpo 2021 were:

Vom og Hundemat Sverige AB, Aristo OY/RAUH!, Essential Foods, Doggy AB/Bozita, Gustaf & Evita Scandinavia AB, Nestlé Purina, Kampuni AB, L-Fashion Group Oy/Rukka Pets, Snellman AB/Mush Sverige AB/Raw for Paw, Hill’s Pet Nutrition Sweden AB, Cloud7/Catherine Söderberg AB, Nop-Stop dogwear, Eldorado A/S, Gibbon Agrobiothers AB, Lupus Foder AB, Metizo Dezign AB, Trixie Sverige AB, PeeWee Sweden, Buddy Pet Food, Imazo AB, Globus Sport AB, Mera PetFood Sverige, Royal Canin Sverige AB, Biabädden AB, Natural, Nobby Petshop, Svenska Djurapoteket, Tropikföreningen Alba, Aveo AB, Zondell/Sonnäng Consult & Design AB, VAFO Sverige, Tree of Pets, Sverak, Dogman AB, To gode Naboer, Spannfod AB, Petcare AB, Halla PetFood AB, Trikem AB, Pritax, Octean, VetHelp Northern Europe, Back on Track AB, Mim Construction AB, Butiksled.se, K9 Competition AB, Pondusfoder AB, VGW/Pet Design Sweden AB, Sveriges Tamfågelförening, Hugo&Celine, SARF, Naturvårdsverket, Havs- och Vattenmyndigheten, Länsstyrelsen Stockholm, Lärande i Sverige, Etologerna.se

Listen to exhibitors on ZoorfExpo 2021