Welcome to ZoorfExpo 12-14 nov 2021

After the success of ZoorfExpo 2019, it is our pleasure to welcome you all back. We will once again host the fair in the spacious halls of Kistamässan, strategically placed close to E4 and subway outside Stockholm. The large and professional facilities will give you the best opportunity to present your brand to the visiting businesses.

Lots of companies and visitors have already been in touch with us, and we are looking forward to this weekend dedicated to the pet business in Scandinavia. ZoorfExpo 2021 will be held over the weekend, with the Friday dedicated to education and knowledge in a separate hall. As an exhibitor you will have one and a half day before the fair to build your monter, starting at Thursday 14.00-24.00 and Friday 07.00-22.00.


12-14 November 2021. The buyers will have time to stock up on your products ahead of the Cristmas sale.


The exhibition center in Kista is conviniently located along E4 (the road from the international airport) and has subway access to Stockholm City center.


You will meet pet shop representatives from all over Sweden as well as many colleagues among the 60+ exhibitors ad display your products and ideas to them.

The fair and Covid-19

The question on everyones mind is of course the Covid-19 situation. Since the vaccination is on its way and our fair is not held until the middle of November, we have good hopes of being able to proceed as planned. If the circumstances do not allow us to gold the fair as planned, Zoorf has a deal with Kistamässan that we can reschedule to a date in the future without and additional costs.

No financial worries

As exhibitors, we do not want you to worry about the financial situation. Therefor the first part of the payment does not have to be made until 1/6-2021, when we hopefully have a better understanding of the situation. The rest of the payment must be paid two months ahead of the fair. If the fair is postponed because of Corona-related issues, Zoorf will pay you back. It is normal for us to sell all available monter areas, therefor it is important that you book soon in order for us to guarantee your spot.


This year we offer four VIP-packages. These include: – You chose the placing of your monter first of all. (Of course depending on when your booking is made.) – Your logo or your message will be seen on the monitors in the entrance to the fair and on ”the Wall” at the gates. – You will be given a half page advertisement in the magazine Pet Scandinavia, the only magazine for the Scandinavian Pet trade, with 3000 recipients, read by many more. A unique chance to reach out to your potential customers and let them know why they should visit you at the fair. – Advertisement space in our newsletter during the fall 2021. – 15 minutes on the stage during the education program during Friday, where you can present your brand, philosophy, research, articles to present one of your products in Zoorfs monter, where a lot of people naturally gather. If you choose wisely, the right product might end up as “the talk of the day.” – A full page article about your company in Pet Scandinavia nr 3 (autumn) 2021. – If you chose to take part in the dinner, your company will be booked on one of the tables closest to the stage.

Price 24.595:-

Please note in your booking if you are interested in a VIP-package.

About the stands:

Zoorf will cover the cost of monter walls and mats in the aisle. It is up to you to book mats inside the monter, lights, electricity etc. You do this by contacting Workman Event. Please observe that Zoorf does not pay back any money for deals made with Workman Events in case the fair must be moved. For the booking of electricity, lights, mats etc, please contact:

Workman Event AB, www.workman.se, info@workman.se

Tel: 08-410 356 60

The booking is final and 30% of the payment must be made before 1/6 in order for us to guarantee your stand. The rest must be paid two months before the fair. Should the fair be moved because of Covid-19, we will pay you back. We will be in Hall 2, same as the fair 2019.

Prices for the monters ZoorfExpo 2021

Prices Zoorf members: 9 – 49 sqm: 1250 SEK/sqm 50 – sqm: 1100 SEK/sqm Nonmembers : 1500 SEK/sqm

Dinner: After the fair on Saturday there will be a dinner and entertainment at a low cost. There will also be awards given for the best stand and to the company that has educated most people in Zoorfs courses, in total and in 2021.

Hotel: We can offer a discount through our collaboration with Hotel Express if your are an exhibitor or visitor to the fair. The price is inclusive VAT and breakfast. Contact Hotell Express on: bokning@hotelexpress.se or + 46 (0)19-166060

Scandic Victoria ****

Daily price for a single room 10-15/11 2021, inc breakfast. 850:- Addition for two persons (double room for two) 200:- per night Refer to the code: Zoorf 2021 when you book.

For questions, please contact: zoorfexpo@zoorf.org

ZoorfExpo is arranged by Zoorf, the Swedish Pet Trade organisation, founded in 1975. www.zoorf.org

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: zoorfexpo@zoorf.org